"Fine trace lines disappear after etching."

Our copper laminate board is 1/2oz for a very good reason. It allows you to have a faster etch which in turn means there is less undercutting of the protected copper from the toner image and GreenTRF fused on top.

If you start with too much copper, like 1oz or even 2oz (!) you'll have 2 ~ 4 times as much time spent to get the etching completed. During this relatively long period of time the etchant is eating the exposed copper, however, it only goes STRAIGHT down for the first few thousandths of an inch and then it starts working sideways under the "etch resist mask" on about a 45º angle. Keep in mind that this is happening on BOTH sides of every trace, so as you can see, if a trace is very small to start with, the "undercutting" can eat away so much copper under the trace that it literally floats off from the board becuse it has been severed!

So how do you guage how find a line can you make with different coper weights of board available? There is no chart that we've seen because it all depends on the efficiency of your etching method. Our new technique described under the menu button labeled "No Etching Tank?" in this section will describe an extremely fast method for etching. We feel that we've all been etching boards the wrong way for the past 60 years!

So in conclusion, if you couple our very efficient method of etching with 1/2oz copper clad (the only type of board we carry) you can easily image traces down to .005". If that doesn't water your eyes, imagine a standard DIP IC package. Two .008" traces can float inbetween .10" IC pins and .005" would enable 3 traces! This is "fine-line" capability.




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