"Traces are pitted after etching"

We developed "GreenTRF" to prevent this common problem from ever happening again. It's very simple to apply if using a "Toner Image Applicaor". Then the foil is subjected to heat and pressure, the foil will fuse on top of the toner to completely seal the toner image with a micro thin layer of green plastic. You're now ready to etch.

Using GreenTRF also allows you to use our newest technique for etching without the need for an etching tank, called "ContactEtch" allowing boards to etch 10~12 times faster than in a bulky etching tank.

If you ARE using the GreenTRF, and experiencing this problem it has to be missing some small specs of Green from transferring. On your next board, apply the GreenTRF as per normal but after you peel off the "Carrier" foil, hold it up to a light and look for any green specs in clear "trace" areas. If you don't see any, we're stumped!

However, if you do see specs, is obviously means there was not enough heat and/or pressure to make an effective transfer. If using the TIA fuser, run the board through the unit 2 times the same way you did the black toner transfer. After it passes through once, reverse the board 180º and insert again. Let the board cool then peel the "Carrier" back directly over itself slowly.




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