"There are clicking noises coming from the TIA Fuser."

Whenever you hear "clicking" noises, it means the PCB you're trying to pass through the unit is making the motor/geartrain slip or "stall" due to too high of a load. This should be remedied immediately by applying a little "push" to the back of the board to help it through the unit.

Normally, the TIA fuser can handle .032" PCB laminate with one or two sheets of blue "transfer" paper, however, if the board's width gets to around 6" or more, the load can sometimes result in the clicking noises. No problem, just apply pressure and the clicking will stop. When you can't push any more as the board is dissappearing into the unit, you will need to pull on the exiting board by its sides (coolest area). It's going to be very hot so always try to handle it by the edges. It's always best to insert the small of the two dimensions into the unit to reduce or prevent this from happening. For example, if your board was 5"x7" insert the 5" edge into the laminator first.

You can run the thicker .064" board through this unit, however, be prepared to help the board through since you can easily exceed the torque of the motor/geartrain due to the thickness of this board laminate. Also, because the spring tension on the rollers is very high, you might need to push quite hard to start the rollers to separate thus grabbing the board and transfer paper.

We adopted the .032" thickness board as our standard for the complete kit for this reason but also because .032" is becoming the new standard for board fabrication in light of SMT trying to put more stuff into smaller and smaller spaces. The last reason for adopting the .032" standard for boards is that the board cuts beautifully with an ordinary paper cutter!




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