"Foil doesn't transfer perfectly over the black toner"

The problem stems from insufficient heat being delivered to the top of the foil. Normally you run the board through the TIA fuser two times. If you see the "Ready" light not lit, wait a bit until the light illuminates before inserting.

Some users like to place a sheet of paper over the foil to help prevent wrinkles from forming. Yes, that can be a great way to do it so you don't have to pull back so hard on the tail of the foil as the board goes through, however, this paper stops a lot of heat from getting to the foil and it needs more to fully fuse to the toner image. If you have used this trick, you must run the board through two more times without the paper to enable the heat to fully fuse the foil to the toner image. Do not pull back on the foil since it is already started to fuse to the toner.

What's also important to know here is you can only apply foil once. if you peel back the foil and notice that the foil did not fully transfer, you can't simply add another piece of foil and expect it to "fill in" the missing areas. The foil on the board inhibits the new foil to drop down into the areas where the foil originally missed so the attempt to repair will not work. The only suggestion here is to either remove the toner image a start over, or use a "Sharpie" type of indelible pen to touch-up certain areas if you have the room to do so. This is not to say the you absolutely will get pitted traces. If you toner density is high enough, you might get by if only micro-sized areas did not transfer.

When initially inspecting the board that should have the foil perfectly transferred ontop of the toner, look at the carrier foil you peeled off instead of the board. If you see specs in the "clear areas" that tells you right off what didn't transfer!





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