"The foil wrinkles when going through the laminator"

UNEVEN LEADING EDGE: Very important! Check the edge of the board going into the fuser. If the board was not cut perfectly straight, (eg. using a band saw, etc) it WILL induce wrinkles over the board as it passes through the fuser. Check the edges with a ruler to verify there are no waves in the cut edge. For our .032" thickness board, we recommend using a plain paper cutter for good clean edges providing you don't let the board slip when cutting!

LOW DRAG FORCE: If the edges are good and you are still getting wrinkles over the toner images it generally means you are not putting enough "drag" over the GreenTRF film as it goes into the unit. The preferred method is to drop your fingers down over the green foil as soon as the board is inserted and the rollers have grabbed the board and foil together. Maintain good downward pressure during the entire pass until the board has been pulled out from under your fingers.

CLEAR AREA WRINKLES: Look closely if the wrinkles are over the toner image. If wrinkles are just between toner images (eg. in clear areas only) don't worry about it, just proceed to cool the board and peel the foil off in the usual fashion. This can be a common sight because if the paper gives off more moisure at a faster rate from being passed through the hot TIA fuser, the paper is contracting but the foil is not (being high temperature Mylar). The result is excess foil between toner images.




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