"Toner Images Are Not Fusing To the Copper Laminate"

Here are a few critical "checklist" items to verify...

Ensure the unit has been given at least 20 minutes to fully "heat-soak" the rollers. Disregard the "Ready" light. That indicator is for conventional use of the device as a laminator to melt plastic pouches. We need the rollers to absorb the entire heat range before a board is inserted.

Make sure you are not using any "carrier". The only thing that should be inserted into the unit is the circuit board with the transfer paper on top.

Ensure your board has been properly cleaned. Use just a drop of dish soap and a clean ScotchBrite (or similar) green scouring pad over the copper surface to breakup fingerprint oils and to give the toner a bit of "texture" to hold better to the copper surface.

Run the board through twice through the TIA. One pass should be all it needs however, to ensure every square inch received enough heat and pressure, it's best to always run it a second time. Also, when doing this, rotate the board 180º and resinsert. This helps balance out the available heat over the board.

If the toner still does not stick properly after doing the above steps, it's time to look at the toner density of your printer. Please see the menu button in the main "Tech Support" section entitled: "Set Toner Density". If the toner density is too low there isn't enough pulverized 'plasic' on the page to be able to fuse to the copper surface.

If making a double-sided board by passing both transfer images to the board at the same time, you'll have to run the board 4 times through the unit, flipping the board 180º for the second 2 passes. The reason is more heat is always available on the top roller than on the bottom.




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