All newer laser printers since mid-2007 are part of the 1,200dpi engines revolution using a new breed of super-fine toner particles. Even though yours may only be a 600dpi printer, these engines have a much higher level of accuracy placing micro-fine toner on paper to achieve unsurpassed resolution. This also assumes a certain "weight" of paper is being used. This is the first time that "paper weights" have become an issue with printers. The printer by default is assuming you are using plain, uncoated, smooth paper. But in our situation here, you're not so you must set the printer to be able to know HOW to print to a very different type of paper.

Within your printer's "printing utilty" program (somewhere on your disc) you should find a menu to select the type of paper being used. Our blue transfer medium is considered a heavy-weight paper. The actual weight is 170gsm (grams/sq.meter). You'll be back on your feet if you set the paper's paper selection to the heaviest, textured, non-glossy parameter available.

This should solve the problem. If it does not, you may be fighting a moisture issue in the paper fibers preventing the paper from riding up against the drum as close as it should. Backup and read item #1.




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