"Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money refunded"

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe want you to be comfortable with every purchase you make with us knowing that your money has been well spent.

Our products must meet with your expectations or we want it back! We'll refund every penny you spent for merchandise for a full month after the sale if you're not totally satisified.

We want you to have a positive experiece with our company because we know bad experiences result in "bad blood". We don't screw around here when it comes to making things right.


For any refund, there is...

• No Restocking Fee (that's such a lame practice!)

• No Discounting (we'll take the loss - no problem)

• No Talking You Down

• No Questions Asked

Actually, if the request for refund is due to problems associated with using the product, we would like to ask you 2 questions!

1) Can our Tech Support review the problem you are having to identify where the problem lies? Many times, some steps are not done correctly that can have a major influence on success of the product.

2) Where do you think we failed so that we can try to make the product or Tech Support better? Sometimes we run across situations that are 'buyers remorse'. We understand that can happen. But even if the product was tried and you just don't like it, we'll take the product back. We just ask that your determination is made within a month from date of delivery to you. Refunds are made at full face value regardless of the kit's condition. Payments are made by company check.

The only thing we don't refund is the shipping costs paid - both ways. We think is a very fair trade-off for what you can send back to us for a full refund in a used condition. The products maintain their face value regardless of how much of the supplies are consumed. Where else have you ever heard of such a practice?!

If the problem you are having, resulting in frustration over the product, has not been addressed to us in advance, we'd appreciate an opportunity to address the problem first and get you back operational. We are here to fix problems because we're dealing with unique products that have specific requirments for proper operation. If however, it's a matter of not wanting to use the product, we fully understand and we won't push the issue.

For any return for refund there obviously have be some basic "ground rules" that must be met and they are outlined under the RETURN POLICY tab at the bottom of every page. You don't need your receipt, we have records here of every transaction purchased through PulsarProFX. If however, your purchase was with another retailer, that's a different story as we don't have any control or input to the way they run their business so you have to abide by their return policy.

Frank Miller, Owner & CBW