TTP image

Toner Transfer Paper ("TTP") is the ideal medium for all laser printers and toner-based copiers to be able to capture and then re-fuse the image to the copper surface for etching.

Toner images print perfectly to the transfer paper because the printer thinks it is a regular soft sheet of paper, however, on one side of the paper is a barrier coating called Dextrin that prevents the toner from touching the fibers of the paper.

The printed circuit image is then laid face-down over the copper and subjected to high heat & pressure from the Toner Image Applicator (TIA) (or a calibrated houshold iron) upon which the toner image will re-fuse (stick) to the copper's surface. The board and paper are then submerged in a tray of water and the Dextrin coating begins to dissolve.

Water bath imageWithin a minute of being wet, the paper completely releases the toner and floats away from the board on its own.

At this point the board is rinsed under tap water and dried, ready for the application of the "GreenTRF" film that will transfer on top of the toner image to seal the image for etching (again through the application of heat & pressure). This special foil goes hand-in-hand with the transfer paper and is explained in the next menu button, "Toner Foils".

Price: $14.95

• Letter Size (8-1/2" x 11")
• 10-sheet Pack in self-sealing package