Rigid PCB imageCopper laminate isn't all the same. There is myriad of combinations from the type of base to copper weights and from from a lot of different vendors!

Our "DirectETCH" process technique has adopted one specific specification to funnel all of these variables down to one simple board to use for all of your board fabrications requirements.

The specifications for this board is highlighted in BOLD to compare to the competition.


TYPE: PLAIN vs. Photosensitized
SURFACED: SOLID vs. Universal (pre-drilled patterns)
COPPER WEIGHT: 1/2oz vs 1oz or 2oz
THICKNESS: .032" vs. .064" (older standard)
SIZES: 8"x10" vs, any size from 2"x3" to 2'x3'
QUANTITY: Pack of 2 Panels vs 1
MANUFACTURED: USA (Ohio) vs. many outside the USA

If you have never tried our .032" thickness board, you're in for a real treat! First of all... how many vendors give you the actual specs of their board before you buy? Can you name one?

Not only can you fit more SMT in less space, it has plenty of regidity and best of all it cuts with an ordinary paper cutter or even score it with a knife and snap it in two!

If your are doing a lot of drilling for through-hole components keep in mind too that there is 1/2 as much fiberglass dust as with ordinary .064" board plus being so thin, drill bits cut through hard fiberglass laminate efforlessly.

We guarantee that you'll love the performance of this quality USA made laminate or we'll buy it back, even used!

$17.95 BUY NOW

• Single-Sided
• Fiberglass
• 2 Panels
• 8"x10"
• 160sq.in.

$19.95 BUY NOW

• Double-Sided
• Fiberglass
• 2 Panels
• 8"x10"
• 160sq.in.


















Sampler Pack imageNEW ITEM! "PCB SAMPLER Pack"

To get a feel for our superior boards, we've put together a "Sampler Pack" containing 4 panels, 6" x 8" in size, with both single and double-sided versions of our .032" rigid boards and our .005" FlexPCB. (The link above will give you more info on this incredibly thin, super-flex copper laminate.)

We guarantee you'll love the quality of our US made, all-fiberglass laminates over the competition. Give it a try and if you don't love it, we'll buy back the entire package even if it's been used! That's right... used! That's how confident we are that you'll fall in love with 'em!

$12.95 BUY NOW

• Single-Sided, RIGID - .032" thick
• Double-Sided, RIGID - .032 thick

• Single-Sided, FLEX - .005" thick
• Double-Sided, FLEX - .005" thick

(Also includes a "Carrier Board" for the Flex)